Geomorphological Variations in Shat Al-Hilla from Al-Hindiyah Barrage until Al-Hilla City Center and its Role in the Human


This research studies the Geomorphologic Changes of Al-Hila River from Al- Hindiyah Barrage to Hilla City Center and their effect on the Human Activities from 1976 to 2010. It found that most of the river geomorphologic shapes(MeandersRivers and Rivers islands and Emanation of splays and Deposits Tongues) had witnessed clear geomorphologic changes during this period especially For the sedimentary changes , the islands in this area had affected to be merged with some banks, in the other direction of the same area we have new islands due to the decrease of the water level in the study area and the increase of the sediments, moreover the area had witnessed changes in the banks, as well as river course zigzag. The research also concluded that these river geomorphologic forms had effects on the different human activities such as settlement, irrigation, agriculture and transporting, at the same time, they could be used for tourism, and this emphasize the study hypothesis :- ( that Shat Al- Hilla " Al- Hilla River" had witnessedgeomorphologic changes that affect the different human uses).