Metonymic style of the Adjective in Balaghat Al-Nisaa by IbnTayfur


Metonymy is one of the rhetorical styles that do not lead the receiver directly to the purpose, it arouse him by an idea and improve his meditation, so it occupies a distinguished status in the Arabic rhetoric, and an eloquent value relating the art of speech. Its concept is to speak about something and mean something else. Metonymy style gives the secondary meaning a kind of strength and to increases its significant value to be more effective and suggestive. It is not a real expression; its purpose is its semantic that suggests different meaning which is understood by the context. Metonymy for the adjective is declared by the described, yet by another adjective with another required attribute. Many of these are mentioned in Balaghat Al-Nisaa, where the researcher found that it participates in founding the relation between the creative text and the receiver due to the effects and emotions, that it creates for the receiver, where the usual language cannot depict.