Expression Techniques in Poetic Images in Andalusia Cities Courtship


The research aims to clarify the aesthetic point, change it into image refers to the connection of the Andalusia Man, especially the poet, with his city which reflected on his connection with his great home “Andalusia”. It also aims to clarify the representation of that connection by love verses that had not been put to show the poet`s to a woman, rather they were to show love or emotion status of the poet with his home and city. This motivates us to deal with the poetic image and the way of expressing it by the Andalusia poet in this research which includes an introduction, four topics and a conclusion. The introduction studies the connection of the human feelings with the surrounding images. The first topic deals with the poetic verses that have similes in the love poems of the Andalusia Cities. The second topic studies the significances of the metaphoric images in love poems of the Andalusia Cities. The third topic is devoted to pun verses in love poems of the Andalusia Cities, while the fourth topic analyzed rhetoric images in Love poems of the Andalusia Cities. The conclusion includes the most important results of the research