Development Capabilities of Sustainable Tourist Planning in Holy Shrines' Cities –Al-Kadimiyah City- Case Study


The holy shrines Cities are considered of tourist areas, the mission in Iraq , which derives its fame and prestige of its religious and in the heart of ancient cities .It was the scene of the holycitiesofpainfulhistorical events earningthem the importance andprivacydistinguished it fromothertypesof tourism.It is commonly known as, the development of tourism in any regionorprovincedepends on theeaseorAccessibilityto it and to maketourismplay an important role inthe planning and developmentmustexploitthe tourism potential and put evolutionaryplans and proposals for thearea in order to revivethetouristmovementofreligiousandmaximizetheirimportance And attract more tourists from various types and through the stand on the strengths and weaknesses and work on tourism guide in the right direction without negative impacts from here came the importance of research