Al-Hilla During Al-Mmamleek 1749-1831 A.D (A study on Political


not the date the Mamluk-era political Hilla studies researchers and academics, as many stages which are still shrouded in mystery and neglect, perhaps because of the difficult terrain can be traced to the search, because of the scarcity of documents, multiple languages, primary sources, and this is a study of mildly important stage is the stage of conflict between residents and local Government installed by the Baghdad Government, the gap between the rulers and the people, The State effort in the development of the city and offer commensurate with its political and economic status, geographical location and military excellence. Iraq has witnessed in the late eighteenth century and early nineteenth centuries a serious political represent the emergence of the Wahhabi movement and its threat to the Ottoman Empire, and the Mamluk Government in Iraq in particular, has been a force hostile new burdened her new burden was above the burden of external and internal. One of the political scene in that period, Wahhabi incursions on the Iraqi cities like Karbala, Najaf and Hillah and others, which were each year, And we will examine the Mamluk era Hilla through three detectives, turn in the first episode of Hilla in the Mamluk era, and in section second illustrate tribal movements in the era of Dawood Pasha, and in section third highlight the Persian position under the Mamluks ornament revolutions.