Visualization and Believing in Islamic Logic- Analytic Study-


Introduce the speech about the need of logic and make it clear by shakh " Ibncina" by saying (In logic sciencelearn by it how to move from things happened in human being mind to a getting things) .Logic vouches either putting rules for right continuation of the information which exited in human mind to the wanted unknown , the work of logic is about the existing of mind , in another words the getting science , and when we know the dichotomizing of the getting science to the imagination and believing , that is mean that there is unknown imagination and believing unknown.We seek to know (as it mentioned in second meaning) , and the unknown imagination is about now to reach to know leg through the knowing imagination , no never . it is about it is connect to unknown imagination , and the unknown believing is about now to reach to know through the believing science , no never, it is about it is reached to unknown believing and this chapter called evidence or the cases chapter.These two chapters forming the subject of logic , form here we know the importance and relationship of imagination and believing in logic and it is subject , from here this chapter was represent stops deserve the searcher to stop in it , we hope that we did good in it .