(Principles of the international investment for international seabeds)


The Convention on the Sea of 1982 a number of legal principles to regulate the activities of investment seabed International, and is characterized by those principles that the legal effect specific effect wealth and tracts International Seabed located within the limits of the international zone outside the sovereignty of other countries as they are obliged to persons of private law and persons of public law, as well as persons law international, was organized mechanism to apply those principles under Part atheist ten of the Convention in accordance with articles (136-148), and most of those principles cited by agreement of the Declaration of Principles of the exploitation of the seabed and the ocean's International General Assembly of the United Nations in 1970, and took some of those principles in nature totalitarianism and the public in terms of the effect on all the activities that take place within the limits of the international zone. then came the New York Agreement in 1994 to being a fundamental change on the most basic concepts of the principles of international investment seabed in accordance with the requirements of the ideology of capitalist ideology and the interests of the major marine and technical. To know the legal implications of the principles of investment seabed International after the entry into force of the New York Agreement 1994 on the implementation of Part atheist ten of the Sea Convention in 1982 I thought I search studied in five sections in addition to the Study of preliminary and said some of the conclusions drawn from the body of our research culminating in the stated number of proposals in the hope that contributes to our this humble reality in the development of the international legal regulation in the field of international investment for seabed under international competition among countries and international companies and conflicts of interests towards working in the area of international seabed as a result of the largesse of its mineral wealth of abundance and high price.