Terrorism and international efforts to combat it


It can be said that terrorism is a real danger the old Alhadeg talk that has plagued and plaguing communities and nations and individuals of all, it is very unfortunate describe the phenomenon of terrorism Haditha and traced to events Spettmr 2001, but had existed between the Western countries first before this date, completeness violence used it illegal force Apart from the end, which is often aimed at ending the structures Althitah of the state, which means that this phenomenon is not restricted to Abakanon not the morality nor religion, but has become a tool for achieving the goals and Tohat some people are unable to achieve through lawful means, which made many people confuse the concepts that are approved by international humanitarian law and the concept of international terrorism, so we decided to go into the midst of this matter, hoping that we reconcile it, according to the plan set out in the forefront of research.