Estimate the Time Variable for Some Meteorological Parameters with Concentrations of Monoxide carbon for Andulas Station


The world that surrounds us is filled with toxic substances and there are many of them naturally entirely independent of human activity, perhaps affected humans in ancient times when air pollution from fires lit in the few caves ventilation. Ever since humans began polluting in a lot of areas on the surface of the earth. Until recently, the local environmental and secondary pollution problems due to the ground's ability to absorb and purify the trace amounts of contaminants property. Manufacturing in the community and the introduction of motor vehicles of the contributing factors to the increasing problem of air pollution. At this time it is necessary to find ways to clean the air. The main air pollutants found in most urban areas, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides, hydrocarbons and particulates (both solid and liquid) spread of these pollutants in the atmosphere all over the world in high enough concentrations to cause serious health problems gradually. In addition, it may be natural or caused by human activity so that the amount accounted for in the Arab world and 40% can be classified as pollutants to the initial secondary pollutants and contaminants. Usually primary pollutants are substances that are issued directly from one of the processes such as scattered ash from a volcanic eruption or the first gas carbon dioxide emitted from car exhaust or carbon dioxide from factory chimneys. Therefore, this study will focus on the relationship between temperature max and mean and relative humidity with unilateral gas dioxide and the impact of contaminated behavior of CO elements of air poker by mentioned by selecting a region characterized by density increased in the large number of cars every day and private cars that run on gasoline during working period any of the 9:00am o'clock am to noon 2:00pm, and the use of measured data by the Ministry of Environment in Andalusia station during working period in 2012. Andalus area located under the line length (440 25̀̀ 29̏̏ E) and latitude (33o 18̀̀ 8̀̀6̏̏ N). Through drawing it found that the relationship between temperature and the concentration of CO gas is an inverse relationship and the relationship between relative humidity and gas concentration of CO direct correlation.