The reality of health indicators and their impact on human development in Qadisiya province in 2011 (the spatial analysis of the human development indicators in Qadisiyah province(


Health is basic and necessary needs for man because it is important indicators can be used to measure the human development . Health is safeguard a contenous and elongated life .Therefore this research is contain introduction and two parts .Introduction included research problem , hypotheses and goals . First part was discuss health foundations and its place distribution and through this distribution we noticed a big deficiency in hospitals number and health centers and imbalance in the health foundations distribution according to population volumes. Parttwo was discused the number of medical crews and it efficiency and it effect in human developement . Results was showenadeficiency in medical and managment crews and also its not distributed normaly according population volumes and health needs. As aresults for previous reasons , the level of human development in governorate was decreased to reach ( 0.675 )and this level is middle. Current research was ended by conclusions , suggestions and references