Syntax descriptor of the HolyQuran in the Quranic text in the light of the evidence of verbal and moral


Koran was and still net designate which draws from studies linguistic and grammatical studies and others, have chosen in this study verses of it linked a single subject, a description the Koran; to be studied grammatical study tag in the light of the evidence of the moral, and this came Find according to what is of those clues that came out of those verses that describe the Koran and we called (b syntax descriptor Holy Quran in Quranic text in the light of the evidence of verbal and moral), included preparation and Investigation was the first part, titled (customization relationship belongings sentence), was between customization relationship Bamufail and the case and discrimination, The second section, entitled (the corresponding relationship between the elements of the sentence) we dealt with the conformity of all kinds between the act and the perpetrator and the Debutante and the news, and came third section entitled (linking parts wholesale relationship) we had when this moral relationship through display means patterns that achieve connectivity KrabtBaldmair or link letters and others.