Response of Hybrid Waste Fiber-Self Compacted Reinforced Concrete Slabs Under Static Loading


This work aims atassessing thebehavior of self-compacted concrete (SCC) reinforced with hybrid recycled waste fibers (RWFSCC) in two-way slabs under static loading, Waste plastic fibers (PET) and metal cans fibers and hybrid fibers with aspect ratio (12.5) have been used with volumetric percentages (0.1%, 0.25% and 0.4%) for each type of recycled fibers respectively, in addition to the reference mixture (free of fibers) for the purpose of comparison.The current study has been divided into two parts , the first part is focused on studying the effect of recycled fibers on the specified mechanical properties, namely: the compressive strength and the splitting tensile strength of the hardened SCC, The second part included the study of the behavior of concrete slabs under static loading .The results showed a slightly improvement in the compressive strength of mixtures that containing volumetric ratio (0.1%) of waste recycled fibers , also showed that the plastic fibers have improved both the splitting tensile strength ,as the ratio of the recycled fibers has increased, and the bending strength and toughness of the concrete slabs that containing the hybrid recycled fibers ,whereas the increasing of the metal recycled fibers ratio caused to reduce this increasing and to give a negative effect on the structure of SCC .