A Novel Direct Control of Z-Source Inverter Based on Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System


This paper proposes a novel method for controlling the output DC-link voltage of the Z-source inverter foradjustable speed drive applications. An adaptive neuro-fuzzy controller is used to control the DC-link. The novelty of the proposed controller is the direct feedback from the DC-link, which is a discontinuous (chopped) signal, without any additional estimation or peak detection circuits. Where,this discontinuous feedback can't be used in conventional controllerswithout additional circuits. Design and simulation of the proposed control system are illustrated in this paper. Simulation results give excellent performance of the Z-source inverter with ripple free DC-link voltage. The robustness of the proposed intelligent controller is demonstrated for different output voltage commands. The response of the DC-link voltage, output AC voltage, AC current and speedfor 20% and 40% input voltage sag is investigated.