Isolation and Quantitative determination of proteins from fish scales of Cyprinus carpio L. and Liza albue In saltwater and freshwater


This study was conducted in the laboratories of the Faculty of Science - University of Kufa in) 2014- 2015) Included extraction and isolation of deferent type of proteins from the scales of fish carps Cyprinus carpio and Khushani liza albue in salt and freshwater environments and used in the experiment peels dorsal origin. Continuously drawn to peel the fish using a systematic solution) 50 m M Tris-HCl, pH 7.5)Concentration of 1M of non-protein compounds associated proteins was isolated using central ostracism and deposition of proteins from the organizer of the solution using different concentrations of ammonium sulfate(NH4) 2SO4). The results show the presence of different protein compounds was deposited from the scale of qualitative studied fish through the use of different saturation concentrations of ammonium sulfate and achieve different and isolate the protein compounds residual saturation ratios by sulfates were classified according to the proportion saturation of Almaah gratification was quantification using a spectrophotometer deviceUV- Spectrophotometer at wavelength of 250 nm . The results show through the different types and amount of proteins in different species and studied the different growth environment.