Relationship of Salivary & Plasma Troponin Levels of Patients with AMI in Merjan medical city of Babylon Province: Cross-Sectional Clinical Study


Myocardial infarction (MI) is a disorder that could be a reason for morbidity & mortality. Effective & early identification is crucial for management. One analytical technique for the diagnosis of MI is evaluating plasma troponin (Tn) values. Bearing in mind the problems of blood aspiration from patients, a noninvasive practice like measuring of saliva Tn can be used as an alternative way. The present works aims to inspect variations in plasma & salivary Troponin I (TnI) measurements in AMI patients. Methods: The study involved 100 patients diagnosed as AMI by physicians. After obtaining their agreement, both salivary & plasma TnI levels was assessed by saliva & blood sampling consequently by means of; VIDUS® techniques and kits. Results: The mean age of patients was 56.5years and 79% of patients were male. There was week positive correlation between blood and serum troponin levels (r=0.1, P<0.05). The mean troponin level in serum was 8.07ng/L and troponin level in salvia was 0.16 ng/L showing a steady increase in saliva and blood during the process of AMI. There was no significant correlation of both serum & salivary TnI with increasing age or with gender differences.Conclusion: There was week positive significant correlation between S TnI & Sal TnI concentrations showing a steady increase in saliva and blood during the process of AMI.