Detection of anti-HCV IgG antibodies in thalassemic patients by Enzyme Linked immunosorbant assay in AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf Provence


The present study was designed to investigate viral Hepatitis C infections in thalassemic patients by detection anti-HCV IgG antibodies using Enzyme Linked immunosorbent assay.Sixty nine blood serum were collected from thalassemic patients in AL-Zahra'a hospital in Al-Najaf Provence .The study period was from 1 November (2014) to 28 April (2015).The result of this study showed that 25(36%) samples of thalassemic patients were anti-HCV IgG antibodies positive result, 16 are male and 9 are female ,their age range from (4-43) years ,while 44(64%) samples of thalassemic patients anti-HCV IgG antibodies negative result , 22 are male and 22 are female, their age range from (3-35) years .Twenty one individuals without any signs or symptoms of disease were selected as normal healthy control groups including (13) female and (8) males.The result showed that 25samples are seropositive to anti-HCV IgG in all age groups and the age group (10-20) years old has ahighest percentage than other age groups .


HCV, ELISA, Thalassemia, IgG