Al- Dhiya'a Cairo magazine 1898- 1906 a documentary study


The purpose of this research being dedicated to clarify the importance and prestige of an Arab magazine reform - regenerative did not take the right or share in academic studies; as well as to identify and review historical analysis depth to the most prominent of those magazine processors that led roles intellectual and cultural influential in the events and the facts of the history of the Arab Orient modern theater . This study also aims to illustrate the importance of studying this magazine as one of the leading sources of the study of history, so that most of the studies of Iraq, whether or Arabic that dealt with specific events and historical facts did not address the subject of the Arab press with a few exceptions, although they constitute important than the history of those stages source, Hence, this study came as a step in this field may be that such a generalized study subjects means and highlights the most prominent newspapers and magazines, especially those that have emerged in the leadership of the importance of the press and the establishment phase The means to achieve this research has been based on Atkhave curriculum descriptive and investigative and analytical So what necessitated by scientific necessity to follow such a curriculum contributed Baissala to several important results mean the subject, which has worked to address all its reasons; in addition to the foregoing was my usage of each folders magazine photophobia collectively eight; it was the basic means by which interested researcher often in a manner provided by those numbers from a database marked profusely article and their platforms cognitive, intellectual, scientific, literary, medical, industrial and other, which in turn is reflected in the detailed study of some aspects and trends, views and blueprints press at the time, and here I returned some of these contents published by Luminance sophisticated and clear in the field of journalistic writing and a fraction of the severity of the traditional trend during that era in the quality of published topics, which Matjsd show that it considered the right leader for the movement of reform and renewal in the history of the modern Arab press .