Estudio crítico analítico de la novela Juanita la larga del escritor realista Juan Valera


Juan Valera is considered, in the opinion of critics, as one of most brilliant literary writers of realist generation in Spain. This personality is distinguished from the others; he began writing his literary production when he was fifty years old; the refers to the perfection of the real narrative subject in which he was writing. He published Juanita la larga when he was seventy one, that was in 1895, fifteen years after the publication of Doña luz, his first novel of the author.Our selection of Juanita la larga to study is because the most of his novels and stories was studied and critiqued, but this one was not sufficiently studied. That is why we selected it.This study is divided in two parts:The first: contain the study of the biography of the author, his life , the diplomatic in special. And his literary production.The second: is considered the important of this study that’s because contains the analyse the subject and the style of the author and the selected novel.