''The Education and Teaching Principle in the second Martyr Thought


AbstractThe great Scholar zainul Dean bin Ali bin Ahmed Al- Tubai' Al-Amily, who was marttyrized in 966A.H/ 1558 .A.D, and who is ltnown as The second Martyr has on Educational and instructive Precepts Put them in his book and studies such as his (Munait al mureed fi Adab a Mufeed wal Mustafeed) and his (al- Diraya). The researcher finds in these two books the recepts of the second Martyr for his student focuses on the moral and educational aspect .he drew the students – scholers ( shaikhs) relation's Principle by soying (the era's shaikhs should have more searching and practicing, and that they should praise his morals and researchs, and the student should be aware of those who has shallow education to avoid any mistake).