Contributions of Mero-AlShahjan's Scholars in the Intellectual Movement in Baghdad during the Third and Fourth H. C.


Abstract The establishment of Baghdad in 149 A.H was the beginning of the new scientific age not only in Iraq but throughout the world. First, Baghdad began to be at the top of world towns in all fields especially intellectual and scientific ones. In Baghdad arose one of the best scholars whom the human beings proud of because they produced and introduced important sciences and information. Those achievements which was made by Baghdad wasn’t achieved unless the efforts and contributions was made efforts by different scholars who intend it for different reasons. We know that Baghdad was established first to be king town no science town so the science which it had was transferred to it. This science was the profit of efforts made by people who reached it and became intelligent and also who teach and write poetry and composed books so the scholars of (Maro Al-Shahijat) had role to contribute in forming Baghdad's scientific and intellectual identity which push it towards the top. From this idea, the research whose title (contributions of Maro Al-Shahijat scholars in the intellectual movement in Baghdad during third and fourth century After Hijra) was written to show the role of Baghdad's scholars and follow who came to it. It also disclose the nature of their contributions in its intellectual life.