AL-Adel Najafy Magazine –Its intellectual contributions and Philosophical Attitudes , 1965-1971


AbstractAL-Adel-najafy magazine for said Ibraheem AL-Fadhly is an example of the press of Najaf which had flourished during the 60s and the early 70s of the twentieth century ,that it may described as avery valuable historical document ,wrote the history of avery important period and rapid developments that contemporary Iraq had witnessed on all level, especially the political one. It could be a resource that we cannot neglect in studying the history of Najaf during that period, because it had dealt with the different social and economic issues ,represents the national point of view and tried to express its deep belief on the Arab issue’s unity and explain the imperialistic policy nature which some of the West countries followed towards Iraq and the other Arab countries. The importance of the information and facts that AL-Adel-published.The subject comes with in a preface and three topics. The preface gives a brief explanations of the stage that the Najafy press had passed and examples of the magazines and journal of that time. The first topic dealt with rise of the founders (Ibraheem AL-Fadhily and Abdul-Hadi AL-Esamy), throws light on their roots social environment, their features, their scientific activities, and the most distinctive effect that effect their mental structure.The second topic is devoted to the rise and development of the magazine, administration, finance, organizing structure and the motives of founding it by AL-Fadhily and AL-Esamy. The magazine intellectual trends, social relation political attitude and its role in the life of that time society, had been dealt with in the third topic. The study depends on different resources, first of which the magazines issues for the five years 1965-1971 ,in addition to anumber of the biographies and the books of the local history for AL-Najaf city.