Oral and written in the Qura'nic text in the term of the modernism reading


Among the tasks and cognitive theory advocated by the modernist reading, and have spent a great effort to distinguish between speech issue oral and written text. Any talk about the verbal Qur'anic speech, and then turn it into a written text of the Qur'an. Then the initial phase of the Report of the Prophet (J) of the Quranic speech is quite different from the record total this letter home stage.The research was based on the following question: Do you really were traded Koran orally in the absence of the Prophet with the text written parallel to this oral discourse, and that was my lips speech codification final text format (the Koran), after three centuries? The research concluded that the Koran did not pass oral era is associated with the notation, though the former religious texts era has passed orally. Because the process of codification was associated with the revelation of the Qur'an-you-go. And immediate codification of the Quranic text in writing, his knowledge in proving the value of parallelism time in documenting the transfer of the Quranic text of the letter written to oral Blogging has Kasai This written documentation that oral documentation