Talmud and its relation with Zionism and Israeli policy ( study and analysis)


This study focused to clarify and analyze the relationship between AL- Talmud book and Zionism racism, which was established in order to build a Jewish homeland in Palestine through the expulsion of the Arab population of Palestine and the establishment of the Jewish in their place, he support of the colonial powers, as this research shows the convergence between the secular Zionist ideology as claimed by the founders of the Zionist movement and the religious thought of the Jewish Talmudic fanatical who advocated the elimination of the Arabs, and the distinction between Jews and others by giving preference to always Jews, And the distinction between Jews and others by giving preference always the Jews, and to clarify the criminal methods carried out by the Zionist gangs in Palestine of murder, torture and displacement of the Arab population from their lands, And how leaders of the Zionist gangs justified these actions through the texts of the Talmud which were endorsed, and the reflection of the impact of these teachings on the Zionist leaders and the current Israeli policy.