A New Separation, Fractionation and Improving of Abu- Aljeer Asphalt


The study of springs Abu-Aljeer natural asphalt at proven of al-anbar (Iraq), tofind a mean of exploiting the asphalt springs as alternative energy resource, Includedtwo stages The first: Separation the components of asphalt in two ways the first iscolumn chromatography and second represented by extraction- chromatography. Theresults of separation were 10.20% Asphltene, 89.18% Maltene which separated latelyto (Paraffinic 45.23%, Aromatic 28. 39% and Resin 21.66%). The second: Trying toimprove the asphalt specifications by using natural materials that are available locally(limestone) with (5, 15, 25, 35%), which have given good results. Rheologicalproperties have been tested, in such average that (virgin Softening was 430C, became560C, Penetration was 110 dropped 39 and viscosity was 11355 turnedy other47231cent-Stok, mm2Sec), and flash point ( 1790 C became 200 0C), Fractionatedparts of asphalt were characterized by (UV), (FT-IR) spectra. This study also clarifiedparaffin compounds which represent the main part material and the colloidal state is inGel phase.