Effect of the legal system for the conclusion of administrative contracts in the protection of public funds (A comparative study)


Abstract Contracts made by management to the widely used public funds requires, especially in the public works contracts, supply contracts, so keen legislation states a briefing to conclude administrative contracts set restrictions and procedures that ensure the protection Public money and maintenance, so that shift without messing with this money or be susceptible to waste and processes of corruption, so the conclusion of administrative contracts for a total of principles related to ensuring freedom of competition and equality as well as providing publicity for the proceedings to conclude all of the contract is subject. The process of concluding administrative contracts are given by many of the restrictions is the availability of financial dependence and obtain approval or get counseling from the authorities by the law, as the law in some cases, are required to take on a contract in writing. That the conclusion of administrative contracts process of going through a series of actions that begin to announce the tender offers and then delivered through open bidding analyze, evaluate and determine the best tender and finally the release of the administration's decision to approve the referral decision.