The principle of legality in disciplinary punishment


Abstract Is the subject of research on punishment Disciplinary and that is an important element of the system tunable and that if the employee commits a violation disciplinary it is subject to a penalty and punishment specific limitation other than the offense Disciplinary and thus subject to the principle of legality (no punishment except by law) and the death penalty have a negative impact on the center Employee Job and thus reflected the impact on his family and that will be the focus of our research, which proceed from him through three sections, we devote the first Ltarev corporal discipline and the statement of legal nature and goals while we will look at the second section controls the principle of legitimacy punishment Disciplinary and distinguish them from criminal punishment, while the third section Venard it to the types of sanctions Disciplinary and competent authorities to impose. Finally and ultimately referred to the finale included some of the findings and recommendations, which we were able to stand on it.