Music of the Brothers Safa Meaning and semantics


The musical research to the Safaa brothers is about the concept of music in the terms of the meanings and indications, and shows the classifications of melodies, sounds, and tones. and the science of music industry authorship. The Safaa brothers has represented a detailed exceplination and comprehensive in the science of making of music and sounds, they also studied tones and sounds and their importance, types and the extent of matching these types to the human nature. they also classified musical instruments and explained the making of musical instruments and the way to fix it and use it and the purpose which they are used.This research aims to shed light on the musical aesthetic concepts that were mentioned by the Safaa brothers who also gave music exceptional and worked hard to create musical concept that harmonize with their philosophical ideas.In this research we discuss this subject through three sections which are: the musical concept to he Safaa brothers, the types of music and their uses, the way music impact in the listeners where the Safaa brothers discussed the science of authoring industry and talked about melody. He types of sounds, and how to detect them, the law of tones and sing, the music composing industry, and the relationship between music and the movement of the universe.