The role of financial resources for self Islamic banks in strengthening their long-term investments "An Empirical Study on Kuwait Finance House (2005-2011)"


ABSTRACT:This study aims to demonstrate the commitment of the Islamic banks to the development of its own long-term financial resources, and the removal of imbalances in funding structures, where the long-term financial resources are supposed to represent the majority of their all financial resources. Given that the external financial resources are shown in financial statements, with the possibility of withdrawing them whenever the customer is willing to, this eliminates the ability to consider them as long-term financial resources and makes them closer to call deposits.This study reflects the status of the own long-term financial resources, and its role in long-term direct investments in Kuwait Finance House, and identify trends in its evolution to achieve development goals.4-The researcher found deficiencies with the Kuwait Finance House, to contribute to the long-term development because of the weak contribution of own financial resources as a result of small investments compared to total ones, which means a heavy reliance on short-term funding formulas due