Strategic United States at the beginning of the twentieth century atheist and a "new Middle East project"


Strategic United States at the beginning of the twentieth century atheist and a new Middle East projectAbstractMiddle Eastern arena looks Arena and test new conflict. But it not identified by the United States as the enemy alternative to the Soviet Union. Otherwise, what the meaning of the US strategic containment of the Soviet Union transfer, further containment of the countries in the region? Suffice it here to monitor the US military presence in the region, and we review US rhetoric and wars fought so far, to know the depth of US involvement in the region. Or otherwise, to know and are aware of the importance of the region major US strategic, and especially after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the occurrence of incidents of September 11 (2001). The American project is a revised version of the Israeli project, which put (Shimon Peres) and below it in his book, where both projects are trying to jump on the underlying problems experienced by the region and only ate as ready-made slogans that do not help to face tough challenges, these challenges which constitute the main source of the spread of currents extremism and the outbreak of waves of violence and delayed implementation of development plans. In addition to a large gap between other countries and regions the region at the level of participatory governance, and the lack of freedom and the weakness of human development, which is one of the most painful of backwardness in political development manifestations because the democracy and freedom are essential for the prosperity of individual initiative, but they Missing to a large extent throughout the Middle East and The absence of the real foundations of freedom in the Middle East closely known even by parents institutional United States (John Adams ) That the ancient dynasties in the Middle East was infested with "greed and fear," and ruled by tyrants have dealt with their fellow citizens and they are working to deny the other hand, and in this regard, he said (Thomas Jefferson) that the United States can not rely on any peace treaties with any state in that region any Middle East. Here it is that the adoption of the project and its announcement fundamental as principles must be applied even satisfy the West for the peoples of the region may be the portal that leaky "new colonialism" through its involvement in re-examine in particular the education curriculum and to impose the concept of Western style of democracy, good governance and the meaning of individual dimensions and is so without the slightest regard for the requirements of culture Values, religions and peoples of the region. What is important is the formulation of these communities, peoples and cultures, according to sponsor the Western model that the region is given to the case of marginalization suffered by long under the old colonialism and the domestication of their people through reshape the ways of thinking and the integration of their economies in the economy Western of events (September 11) (2001) and belief Americans that Arabs and Muslims behind these events can say that Washington no longer trust in the ability of the ruling political regimes in the Middle East to protect its interests and secured abroad is no longer useless alone what happened from attacks in September was in the United States is here to imagine the US thought that US national security strategy should be based on a radical change in the systems that you think it is responsible for operations (September11 ) (2001 was the United States came to the Middle East with all the political, economic, military, cultural and social strength for the reformulation of the region and by Interest capital interests.