(Procedures for the appointment of portfolios under the Law of Governorates not organized in Region No. 21 of 2008 amended)


Abstractthe governor post considered As the head of the top executive in the province as an important post within Iraqi administrative occupation, the Governorates law relating to non-organized in region No: 21 date 2008(modified) came with new approach to occupy Governor post in Iraq Through giving great role to Governorate council to elect the Governor to in hens' administrative Decentralization of the central system was prevailing in Govern no rates law In the process of appointing conservative in light of in Governorates law NO:159 date 1969(abolished) exclusively in the post procedures.Has identified provincial law in force several measures by which the appointment of the governor, so we try our search through this humble shed light on those procedures to mind a recent experiment taking place in the provincial councils after 2003.