Legal effects of criminal reform


ABSTRACTBottom line, that the Criminal Magistrate is one of the most important means of non-judicial criminal case management, which would alleviate the burden on the judiciary, through what impact it has, is the passing of the general criminal case arising from the crime replaces Magistrate simplified and clear procedures lead to the separation speed of the without a way of criminal proceedings, in addition to what is left of this system on the other positive effects it is to absorb the response of social reaction to crime through financial compensation and bring the parties to the criminal case and to spare the accused Trucial stigma inherent in criminal conviction, but hide the economic impact of this system being relieves the accused expenses and expenses the lawsuit along with alleviating the burden of the economic state in this regard, at the same time can not ignore its role in reducing defects sanctions negative liberty of short duration. This tried researcher statement through three sections addressed in the first section the definition of criminal conciliation, Vttrq to mean the language and idiomatically, while singled out the second part, to demonstrate the impact of the Criminal Magistrate on the criminal case, it handled this effect for the fate of the case as well as for their actions as well as a statement that impact for the edges along with the fate of the seized for the offense stuff, and devoted the third section of the impact of the Criminal Magistrate's a civil lawsuit, where the impact on the civil claim during the primary stage of the investigation, along with a statement that the impact on civil prosecution during the trial, as well as the extent of authoritative decision judge reconciliation, and in the finale Find The research noted the most important findings and recommendations reached by this study.