The legal position Facing Process of artificial Insemination And Surrogacy


Abstract we dealt with in our research that marked (The position of the law of the process of artificial insemination and surrogacy) in two sections and a conclusion, we talked at first section about definition of the process of artificial insemination, which is a evidence of industrial scientific progress in general and especially medical Because it aims to save the human species and that is what is aimed heavenly religions and all human laws nd It is clear to us that artificial insemination is several different processes are under fertilize an egg by sperm without normal sexual contact, and then save them even implanted in the womb after this. We talked about the types of artificial insemination, where he has several types depending on the intervention of women in her body during pollination or non-interference where divided in terms of the direction we are considering to the subject as place of vaccination (womb) is divided into artificial insemination indoor and outdoor and as insemination material (sperm, egg) is divided into insemination by spouses water and another with non-spouses, waterand as the cause of insemination is divided into processing means for poor fertility of men and the other to address the weakness of women's fertility Division on the basis of place of pregnancy: in wife insemination and the other in another insemination...and another inside the test tube and we follow in our IVF divided by place of occurrence of pollination and divided into artificial insemination internal between spouses or others. external and artificial insemination between spouses or non-intervention and the end of the pregnancy to the detriment of others called the process of surrogacy for each of the artificial insemination of internal and external have multiple pictures and we talked in the second topic, the legal position of the process of artificial insemination, and talking about the position of the Arab and western legislation and the position of the Iraqi legislation of the process of internal artificial insemination As well as the position of this legislation from external artificial insemination process, as well as the position of the surrogacy process and we knew that the Arab legislation devoid of any regulation of these processes except the Algerian and Libyan legislation, And Iraqi law as well as the absence of reference in any special law or any other law to the process, which required us to invite the distinguished legislator to the legislation of a special law in this process and that the legislation will be based on the principles and traditions derived from the customs and beliefs of the Iraqi society in the form of a set of legal rules stable and secure that govern society, taking into account that it does not violate the provisions of the Islamic rule, which belongs to our community and in our most important conclusion conclusions and recommendations to be the end of this search.