International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions and its role in reducing administrative corruption


Abstract:INTOSAI represent the common voice of all member SAIs INTOSAI organization and in the field of public financial control. It also works to strengthen relations in the area of responsibility for account management, direct and also cementing Alforeigh.oosubh organizations with the subject of fraud and corruption attracts the attention of nations around the world are increasingly. And is subject to the supervisory role in directing the attention to strict control. There is a growing expectation that the devices active role in the process of promoting a culture that appreciates the responsibility and accountability through the exercise of Sulth .walantosaa was founded in 1953 and teamed Iraq to its membership since its inception position the Austrian capital Vienna and its membership includes senior oversight bodies in the Member States participating in the United Nations and the Organization's vision that works to support good governance by enabling regulators to help their own governments and to improve performance and enhance transparency and ensure accountability and maintain the credibility and resist corruption and promoting general confidence and encouragement to accept and use of the effectiveness and efficiency of public resources for the benefit of their people.