Impact The phenomenon of administrative corruption on human rights and society


Abstract: Acquired the phenomenon of corruption and administrative, financial and political deportation recently increasing interest at the global level by researchers and specialists in the various economic, legal, political and social spheres, so that hardly devoid community or political ones system, but the degree of comprehensiveness vary from one community to another, which is in truth is fraught with a series of problems and deviant behavior from the moral, social and economic implications of being destroys the moral values and promotes individual perception based on giving priority to personal interests to the interests of the community by working illegally to consequently lead to the social fabric necrosis and associated building and community development operations and economic development, and this form of administrative corruption becomes the main issue of concern to all communities as a result of the widening circle and complexity of its rings and thread mechanisms unprecedented for threatening to turn the march of communities and future at heart and makes them unable to cope with poverty and unemployment challenges that affect everyone, especially the poor of the community degree ,, but also affect the diffusivity effects and complications to affect the substance of the principles of human rights and society in general.