Obstacles to the achievement of international criminal justice Before the International Criminal Court


ABSTRACTThe establishment of the International Criminal Court is an important step towards the establishment of a permanent international criminal justice, ensure that the perpetrators of international crimes affecting the international community, and the formation of this Court as a step to reconcile the wishes of States and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, since this was a prominent impact desires on the texts of the Statute of the Court and on the nature of the work within the international community.This target search constraints facing the effectiveness of the International Criminal Court in achieving its main objective is to establish and consolidate permanent international criminal justice, and overcome the negative effects caused by temporary criminal courts, as the observer of this Tribunal finds there are many constraints faced, particularly the provisions of the Statute of the Court of jurisdiction and penalties imposed by the UN Security Council, and the effect of the grant of wide discretionary powers to interfere in the work of the Court and obstruction of the performance of its tasks, as well as external influences that contribute to reducing The effectiveness of the Court as regards both the nature of the Court itself as a permanent international judicial organ, or with respect to the international position of the Court, or the effects of international cooperation on this Court.