Polyphonic voices in the dialects of Al-Alal contracts for Al-Nawaji (859 e)


After the spread of traditional Arabic poetry, which adheres to rhyme and weight in Andalusia between the tenth and eleventh centuries AD, a new generation of poets grew and grew up in Andalusia between the singing nature and the atmosphere of luxury and the assemblies of love. The joy of nature freed from the monotony in their giving; they did not adhere to the weight of hair and its traditional face, but moved in the poem one between the sea of ​​hair and curbs and weights as in nature, and appeared this unconventional poetry in the councils of love and love, intertwining the art of singing with these colors, The rhythmic sense, which is an elegant art of Arab poetry, relying on more weight and rhyme with the diversity of presentation, is closer to the musical distribution, as the literary scene is closer to a piece of music, and thus different from the poem because the poem sings It is a free, not a rhythm, as well as one sea and its standard unit, and thus became a good scene, because it sings, it allows the singer to repeat his melodies and soften his voice and diversify his tongue. All this came in line with the Andalusian environment in the diversity of different climates and conditions.      Almucheh is a kind of poetry invented by the late out of the system of the poem and the old approach of the poem to fit the spirit of nature in the new Andalusia and merge with the variety of compositions and singing, and the method of systems Almoshp Vtkon be different objects collected by one house