Selling Fulfillment from a Juristic Perspective and Legal Comparative Analytical Study


AbstractThe sale of the fulfillment of topics related to financial transactions, one of the issues that have a direct contact with the members of the society, and the process of their lives, and it is one of the sales that have emerged in the fifth century, in order to be saved from falling into the usury, as Likewise can the seller get money without giving up his property for the current sale, and the buyer was able to take benefit of his money in excess of the needs of non-existing with him access to the usury by taking benefit of the sales on the basis of fulfilling.Jurists differed on this subject varies greatly in terms of permissible and prohibition and in terms of being bought or mortgage or compound them, and also differed jurists regarding the fulfilling sale, between being a mortgage or a sale, valid or invalid, which follows that different legal provisions in them.