Iranian foreign policy towards Arab neighbors


Abstract The Iranian foreign policy on the elements of power and economic fundamentals and strategy to enable them to play an important role in the framework of the international system which is able to manage crises in partnership positive sometimes and partnership also negative Perhaps the geographical and strategic location in the Middle East and spot the most controversial in the history of the struggle for control of the sources of energy . Iran and the site is important from a strategic point of views of the three most important water bodies are in the southwest Gulf and the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean in the south and the Caspian Sea in the north. The policy of Iran's foreign-based rid of the isolation imposed on it and make itself a major player in the security and economy of the Gulf and Central Asia in an attempt to gain influence and form the Iranian strategic power as an important element in shaping the image of the regional scene, it is regional terms there is Iran infiltrated the area strongly from the west must be determine the approach of its foreign policy and the question with whether politicians in Tehran will reject the West and the realization contradiction systems because of the Islamic character of the Iranian regime, or to find a formula to work with him. The most important problems faced by foreign policy is the maker to determine the relationship Arabs in it, and that this relationship is gaining pivotal importance in Iranian foreign policy Building upon forming the relationship with the outside world as a whole, Iraq, Gulf security, oil and gas, Israel, Palestine, relations with the Arabs. In light of the tense relationship between Iran and the Arab and around the central force, which was formed in the modern phase of the dimensions of the relationship between Iran and regional systems will be affected. Hence we can say that the Iranian diplomacy important criterion in the performance of an active role at the level of the international system in international relations, but the determinants pursued by Tehran in its foreign policy has made the Iranian role clashed with the major powers, especially the United States, so the relationship with accordance with the specified relationship Tehran and Washington remain unchanged, but will not change the geopolitical Arab or Iranian out of the spiral Altnkad to milder considerations.the Arabs and especially the Gulf states will be in