Evaluation of Iraqi Ministries' websites 1 / 2 : Meta-Tag Assessment


This paper attempts to test and evaluate the Iraqi Ministries' websites, using a sample of four Iraqi ministries' website. This will be one of two studies that will test these websites by two different ways. In this paper, it will test the websites by analyzing their websites' meta-tags data using the evaluation mechanism from the Metachecker website, attempting to compare the results with the results of a previous paper, to determine the changes that those websites had during the period of approximately three years, it also tries to find out if there are real and significant developments on these websites during this period.The data reveals that there are lacks of essential meta-tags data still in most of the websites. It reveals also that there had been minor developments in the essential meta-tags data on these websites, and there are no real and significant developments on most of them. Despite the mentioned failures, the data reveals that there are some of these websites have been progressed, and there are some other issues that had been solved such as using the domain (.gov.iq) which is the internet country code for Iraqi official government websites in two ministries websites instead of the old ones that were associated with the domains ( .com; .org ).