Remove Logos from Video Using Linear and Fast Fourier Interpolation Methods


The object removal from video is sometimes necessary in some application. The process of removing object includes remove text, logo, watermark or a particular object. These objects may be static or dynamic in the video. The removed object are detected by binary mask and try to fill the background of removed object that in a non-noticeable visually. A completion is the process of rebuilding lost or degraded parts from frames of the video. In this paper an efficient technique are proposed to fill the missing parts of the frames within the video. This work include two algorithms: The first algorithm is Vertical, Horizontal and 4Neighbors algorithm (VH4NA) that contain three stages for filling process (vertical, horizontal and 4neighbors interpolation). The second algorithm is Fast Fourier interpolation algorithm (FFIA) depends on the Fast Fourier Transform for filling lost areas. The results showed that the proposed algorithms to fill the missing or damage parts of the video frames are in a visually pleasing way. The First algorithm is used to fill the missing parts with simple background, while the second algorithm used to fill the missing parts with complex background. The time consumed for the implementation of the first algorithm is less than time for implementation of the second”