Protection of women from trafficking at the international and national levels (Research)


SummaryThe importance of this research is that it deals with the protection of women from human trafficking as one of the most important transnational crimes, which ranks third after the drug and weapons trade in the world, and represents a new form of slavery known to humanity.The international community, represented by the United Nations, has made great efforts to counter this phenomenon and to minimize its negative effects. Efforts have finally resulted in the adoption of the Protocol for the Prevention, Suppression and Punishment of Trafficking in Human Beings In particular women and children, supplementing the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, 2000.This is in order to reach the fact that the crimes of human trafficking began to take an important place at the level of international law and national legislation. The figures and statistics estimated in this regard exceeded expectations, which means that there is a real problem calling for concerted international efforts to fight this phenomenon, Necessary to combat all images and forms taken by human trafficking crimes, and to carry out legal reforms for the protection of victims commensurate with contemporary events, all of which led us to allocate this research to this subject.