Principle of specialty integration in the basic system of the international court


Abstract As we have seen in the context of then paper the importance of the specialize integration of the international criminal court as one of the cornerstone of the system ,in which criminal be able to escape the punishment of their crimes.The paper consist four main sections .In the first one we discusse the speciality integrated of the internationals court throush highlishting the principle of integration before we define it .In the second section the discussion covers the speciality of the international criminal court throush three main points ;Objechvity - 1Subjechvity -2Time -3In the third sectio the paper focus on the main obligation on the states in order to achieve the main obgechves of the integrated principle over the states who has a link with the e ,then with the states who has no link in the last section ,the discussion cover the legal integration ,the judicial integration and executive integration , then the main conclusion and recommendation has been totted down.