International protection of underwater cultural heritage


AbstractThe underwater cultural heritage is an integral part of the cultural heritage in general. It includes all the effects of the underwater human presence in whole or in part for a period of not less than one hundred years. Considering the artistic and material value of this heritage, it is subject to looting and looting especially in places Which is outside the limits of the national jurisdiction of States, the international community has endeavored to find a legal mechanism to provide the necessary protection for this heritage. The UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (2001) The legal nature of this heritage, as well as the legal status of this underwater heritage beyond the limits of the national jurisdiction of States, not to mention the insufficiency of national legislation, where national legislation is rarely available Whether Arab or foreign, for the protection of the underwater cultural heritage, which necessitates redressing this matter and working locally or internationally to find the means necessary to protect this heritage.