The principle of the supremacy of the Constitution and ensuring its respect Comparative analytical study


AbstractPerhaps the most important risk Facing the constitutions is the assumption that the rules of the amendment or change constitution in the same way that adjust to the Ordinary Laws that put them. But also the danger lies in the possibility of issuing any legal rules of the rules are different and Contrary to the content of the constitution and the reality of the situation confirms that the rules governing the exercise of power is in fact constitutions restriction on the rules in exercise of power.In other words , that these rules are superior to governors who are subjected to them . However , the need to kept the constitution prestige and it is supremacy emerged in an attempt to pass some Kind of likle between the two types of absolute and unrestricted , Even political sovereignty power be her sovereignty and at the same time restricted by law crystallized the principles of his Highness the constitution and if any ligea principle remain just ink on paper or just theory has beenin fact it was necessary to establish some kind of control set by the rulers as a kind of guarantee for the principle of his Highness the constitutions and this we may be try statement in this study.