Development and climate change in Iraq


AbstractSince the early nineties of the last century climatic changes began to take in Iraq, and perhaps the most prominent manifestations repeat dust storms and variability of rainfall and high temperatures rates, it has developed hypotheses several toward these changes, but the analysis of the effects of these changes and their consequences in sustainable development have not been researched and analyzed.Iraq is now facing serious challenges of climate change influenced the results with the deteriorating weather and environmental degradation in all of its territory. As well as the increasing population growth imposes further pressure on natural resources which increased scarcity and moved away from the state of environmental sustainability, in addition to reconstruction after wars and conflicts and acts of violence witnessed by the issues.The research seeks to monitor the relationship between climate change and development in Iraq, trends, and analyze the effects of climate change on the Iraqi economy. Therefore, climate change is a negative impact on development, particularly in the agricultural sector and its ability to provide food security for the population. Climatic Changes that shape the relationship with development indicators will negatively affect GDP growth rates, and then in the economic development plans.