The Financial Analysis of wheat crop in Diyala province


Wheat is considered one of the most important cereal crops and it occupies the first rank among the main crops wheat, barley, rice and maize. Diyala province was chosen as an application model for the study as the data were taken through random sample of 85 farmers formed 5% of study society 1688 farmers concentrated on Makdadia and Jalola districts. The objective of the study is to shed light on the actual situation of wheat production in Iraq in general and Diyala province in particular and usage of some economic efficiency indicators. All farms achieved good revenue during the study period as the average revenuedonum-1 was 601669.12 dinars, average net farm revenue was 418140.7767 dinars donum-1, average economic profit was 372944.6 dinars donum-1, the pay- back period was 0.61 year, simple average return was 163%, return on invested dinar was 2.631 dinars and variable capital productivity was 3.278 dinars. The results showed through economic efficiency criteria that all classes were positive and the third was the best one. According to above, results the study recommends to encourage wheat cultivation by following an efficient agricultural price policy taking in side ration the farmer and consumer interests by subsidizing inputs proportional with their increasing prices.