State of United Arab Republics 1971(Syria, Egypt and Libya) Its constitution, foundations and Iraqi position


After subject of Union of United Arab Republics (Egypt, Syria, and Libya) on 1971 and its constitutional institutions and Iraq position from this. Historical study about the important topics in series of unity attempts that witnessed in twenty century. the new experience in the Arabic policy from the concept and then adoption of new direction to achieve the unity between the Arab countries and it is still continues because until now there is no official statement regarding end of the union between Arab countries and no writing about that .The variety of comments and analysis and some news. The study divided to four investigations. First, the introduction steps that Earlier the announcement of constitution of Arab republics. The second was introduced under name of the constitutional institutions of state to highlights the Iraqi position regarding Union of Arab Republic on 1971. The third highlights the important achievements of Union of Arab Republics. The fourth highlights the Iraqi position from Union of Arab Republics on 1971.