International standards for elections


ABSTRACT : After the ending of the absolute possession stage from the deployment of political awareness and the emergence of democratic principles on the one hand, and the states try to gain independence from colonial powers on the other hand, the election has become a basic and important pillars, that abounded calling about it .through all owing people to choose the form of government and their representatives, which is one of the aspects of constitutional law, the international community was started through conferences and treaties to include topics related to the elections at the base of their charters and themes to emphasize individual freedom of aspects to stand for election and vote in one of the important democratic principles, which is near the human rights and citizen, as we have tried through our research this give a simple picture of the definition of election and forms its, and in the other side, we talked about the role of international and regional standards that ensured the inclusion of so related issues of the rights of individuals within the domestic laws of the countries which played an important role during the previous period as well as the period coming from the future of the world.