Adapting the relationship of voters to deputies


ABSTRACT : Voter is the main and basic core of any electoral process ,it represents the means of success through his active participation in the elections ,and the selection of the most suitable to represent him .It is also because the aim of the elections is to achieve the benefit of the voter by choosing his representatives who will bein the parliament .from this we find that there is a relation ship between the voter and the representitive, and this relation ship does not end with the voter voting in favor of candidat . Indeed, the real relation ship starts from that moment ,and continues even after the candidate wins ,and reaches the parliament, but it is a complex relation ship in terms of parties and dimensions because of the overlap of several parties directly and in directly in the formulation .Including the legislative, executive ,and judicial authorities of the state that establish texts, organize and issue electoral consutation , on the other hand the parties are the main factor in this relation ship , in the form of the representives and their constituents, in addition to the civil society institutions ,which constitute electoral life, one of the reasons for its existence and its basic activities , with out losing sight of the role played by the media in this area .