The logic of capitalist expansion Labor dependence of capital and growing international labor migration phenomenon


ABSTRACT:This phenomenon has witnessed a significance over time millions of people leave their homes annually and crossing the border in search of a more human and social security, in order to obtain of higher wages, and better opportunities for work and life while others leave as a result of poverty or armed conflict or persecution, and varied countries on the issue migration as either exporting or receiving countries for immigrants Or exporter to receiving migrants at the same time, according including imposed capital interest and needs a quick labor markets are changing as a result of changes in the Production technology, in addition to that has become the forces and factors driving international migration more complex and intertwined to work to give adequate explanations of international migration for work, if The rapid growth that has occurred in international trade between developed countries in the trade of manufactured goods in the period that followed World War II, which was accompanied by several measures undertaken by these countries, including reducing trade barriers and transportation costs, and in return imposed a kind of protection Customs, some of the barriers on the entry of developing countries' products to their domestic markets, which led to the deterioration of the prices of raw materials and high prices of manufactured goods of developed countries, labor migration a more complex elements of international economic relations, and primarily, because this process, unlike the commodity exchange or the movement of the head money on the international level, it is an area in which human beings are involved. In the mid-twentieth century, labor migration has become an integral and important part of the process of internationalization of economic life, as a very important factor of the factors of production, looking for the most effective use, not at the level of the economy National, but also on the scope of the international economy.